Team One Spring In-House Tournament Signup

Tournament Date: Saturday May 13th, 2023

Please note that students registering for Taekwondo Sparring must have the following protective gear: Forearm protector (glove or hand protector optional), Shin and instep/foot protector, Head protector (protective mask or faceshield optional), Mouthguard, Groin protector.

*If you are not a student of Team One Martial Arts, payment may be made via cash, or e-transfer to: If paying my e-transfer, please note the participant’s first and last name in the memo field of the e-transfer.

Registration DeadlineFriday, April 28

Upon submission of this registration form, I hereby consent for myself and/or my child(ren), to participate in the 2023 In-House Tournament at Team One Martial Arts and fully understand and agree that my and my child’s presence and activities are completely at my own risk. I hereby indemnify, release, and forever discharge Team One Martial Arts, its instructors, members, agents, and any other person or persons connected with Team One Martial Arts against and from all liabilities, responsibilities, and from all claims for personal injuries or any loss of personal property sustained by me or my child(ren), or injuries or damage to person or property of others caused by me or my child(ren) while engaging in activities at Team One Martial Arts, or while in or near the premises or place of activity of said institution. I, and my child(ren), will abide by the rules and regulations and conduct ourselves in a manner that is safe and considerate of others, and will not attempt to modify any equipment, procedures or rules except with the express and written consent of the Master. I further agree that pictures taken of me or my child in connection with Team One Martial Arts and its events can be used for publicity or promotion without compensation at any time.

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