About Team One Martial Arts

We are a family-owned operation which aims to help bring Taekwondo to our modern era. At Team One Martial Arts, our focus is to develop students into responsible, respectful citizens and athletes while utilizing the Olympic/Kukkiwon style of Taekwondo as our path to physical and mental balance. Our membership within BC Taekwondo Federation and World Taekwondo Federation of Canada allows students within our system to compete in tournaments sanctioned by the above governing bodies, in poomse (forms) and kyorugi (sparring), potentially reaching an Olympic level. Classes at Team One are a fun combination of fitness (agility/conditioning), technique, forms and light sparring, suitable for students of all ages. Whether it is mental discipline, physical fitness, self-defense or confidence-building, Team One prides itself in catering to the needs of each and every individual student.



All ages & levels (including competitive training)

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毅 (perseverance):

(noun) – Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

(synonyms) – persistence, tenacity, determination, staying power, indefatigability, steadfastness,purposefulness, patience, endurance, application, diligence, dedication, commitment, doggedness, assiduity, tirelessness, stamina

5 Tenets of Taekwondo

  • Courtesy

  • Integrity

  • Perseverance

  • Self-control

  • Indomitable Spirit

Benefits of Taekwondo

For the student:

Students will find their confidence and physical abilities increasing along with their mastery of techniques, drills and concepts. Students can expect to have a more consistent energy throughout the day, with increased focus on important tasks. Humility and respect evolve naturally through repetitive study of the martial art, with the philosophical 5 Tenets of Taekwondo as our guide: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control, and Indomitable Spirit.

For the child:

Lessons which are specifically tailored to each child’s age and skill level help develop physical coordination, flexibility, strength, balance and mental acuity. Our Team’s goal is to increase self-discipline and self-respect, the basic building blocks to the mindset needed to deflect peer-pressure and be confident in their decisions.

For the adult:

Team One’s Adult program helps to develop and maintain a strong, balanced body and mind. Classes are the perfect stress-reliever for older students swamped with homework and exams, or for those unwarranted days filled with conflicts at work. Students are encouraged to be selfish in taking time to themselves to train, sweat and smile, working on themselves without a moment to remember the stresses that they brought in with them through the door. Lower stress as you increase strength, energy, physical abilities and confidence.

For the family:

As a family-focused school, we aim to build strong foundations within our students, so that they can help build and maintain strong ties within their own families. Respect, trust and communication are built through training which promotes values of honesty, respect, loyalty and cooperation.