We're Team One!

Masters Rochelle and Phillip Lee are the head-coaching team behind Team One Martial Arts. With a combined 40 years of experience in Taekwondo, our head coaches have also been life-long competitive athletes in numerous other sports. They have a passionate dedication to helping children and students develop into confident leaders and role-models of tomorrow.

Rochelle Lee

Founder & The Big Boss

Phillip Lee


Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have lots of questions. Here's a good place to start.
We're here to help and safety is our priority.
Contact the gym directly if you have an emergency.

Yes, we do. But, you have to pick them up at our gym.

Yes, you do and we have a pro shop for items for your convenience. 

We take safety very seriously and it’s the basis of our training. We start with respect and discipline at all levels. We hope this translates to schooling and all aspects of life.